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HP Pro x2 210 and Pavilion 10 x2, optional SATA disk into the keyboard

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The official Maintenance and Service Guide for HP Pavilion x2 and HP Elite x2 210 G1 Tablet PCs undiscovers a interesting, optional feature: a 2.5-inch SATA disk into the keyboard dock.

The HP Pavilion 10 x2 (10-n*00 serie and its business-oriented, Cherry Trail-powered variant (named “HP Elite x2 210 G1″), is one of the most interesting Tablet PC in this late 2015. But it can be more and more interesting.

This inexpensive Tablet PC with Synaptics digitizer is full of great features: USB Type-C, full-size USB-A on the screen side, Bang & Olufsen Play speakers – and, according to the Maintenance and Service Guide, an optional secondary disk.

HP Elite x2 210 Keyboard Disk

The Guide, intended for HP authorized service providers only, is the same for the Pavilion 10 x2 (10-n000, 10-n100 or 10-n200 series) and the Elite x2 210 G1 (they are de facto the same device) and it shows the optional presence of 500 GB or 1 TB “5400 RPM SATA RAW 7mm hard drives” into the keyboard dock. According to the guide, the keyboards equipped with hard drive are aesthetically identical to the “normal ones”, but they are equipped with a different board with different connectors, and apparently the user is not allowed to insert a 2.5-inch disk into the basic models.

At the moment there is no notice of double-disk models, but for sure the option is available for projects and large orders.

Article by Tablet PC Street
Source | HP Elite x2 210 G1 M&S Guide

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