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Windows 10 is coming – but for the drivers the story is very different.

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Windows 10 is coming and most of the existing Tablet PCs will be capable of a free upgrade to the new operating system. Nevertheless, most of the products will not be driver-supported by manufacturers.

Tomorrow Windows 10 will be between us. The new operating system, as always, will bring innovations and controversies – but beyond the purely technical aspect, the new Microsoft operating system (which could also be the last Windows if it is true that in the future there will be just an infinite number of updates)- it is also the first to be provided free to a huge number of people and devices.

Anyone with a PC or Tablet PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8 is eligible to upgrade – not just those who bought a PC or Tablet PC running Windows 7 or Windows 8, but also those with an older device that, in the past, has been updated from Windows Vista or Windows XP.
For example, I have the right to update my (very) old HP Compaq tc1100, that was born in 2006 with Windows XP Tablet PC Edition and was updated in 2009 to Windows 7 Professional – but also a very old Desktop PC with a single-core, 2006-launched Pentium 4 CPU that was born with Windows XP Home Edition and last year has been updated to Windows 8.1 Pro.

ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi with Windows 10 update

But what may have missed is that if Windows 10 million will come free on PC and Tablet PC courtesy of Microsoft, most of these PCs is no longer supported by the manufacturers of PCs themselves (Acer, Dell, HP, Asus, etc.) and especially by the component manufacturers (NVIDIA, Synaptics, Intel, etc.).
What does this mean? It means that I can also have a free upgrade to Windows 10, but if my PC has more than two years, will most likely not have the right driver and I will not have the certainty that Windows 10 is functioning properly, since the PC manufacturers support their devices for the duration of the guarantee and generally provide drivers for only two or three years (a few exceptions exist on high-end professional models).

Of course, the situation is not tragic because, thanks to standardization, most drivers will still be present – perhaps not on the manufacturer’s website, but definitely on the manufacturer of the component. The major inconvenience, will be present not on the tablet PC, but on the PC – that because the major driver-related issues are related to the dedicated GPU, and only few Tablet PC used this type of chips.

It is possible, however, that some pre-installed applications will cease to work properly – or at all. For example, on my HP EliteBook 2760p upgraded to Windows 8.1 Pro I had to loose, among other things, the HP Safety Suite and some fingerprint reader functionalities; with Windows 10 I might have to give up other components or functions.

Long story short, Windows 10 is coming. But it is coming because as a Microsoft gift, not because the manufacturer of your PC want it: if you want to try Windows 10 in its full capacity, most likely you’ll need a brand new PC or Tablet PC.

Article by Tablet PC Street
Originally published in il Tablet PC Italico

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Giacomo Fumagalli

Giacomo Fumagalli

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